map of tor routers

Bryan Fordham bfordham at
Tue Feb 20 23:28:15 UTC 2007

> Neat; if you're going to check more often than that, I'd suggest that
> you run a Tor client and look in its cache instead.

Is there a reason to check more often than that?

Neat stuff!  Keeping historical data might also be cool, so you could
> see how the network's geography changed over time.

yeah, that's my idea, too. Be able to watch the network change, and also
watch how a particular router may change.

One other thing I forgot to mention:
I'm using the geocode that goes along with the IP for each router. That may
or may not be accurate. Is there a reasonable way to get the info from each
router operator? I don't know if a message signed by the public key is
feasible or not. Perhaps getting confirmation by contacting the contact
address? But not all routers have that.
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