Tor experiment: request for assistance from operators of UK nodes

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Sat Feb 17 18:17:07 UTC 2007

It would probably have helped performance if you had picked addresses
that can all actually be traced all the way...

If you add -w 500 to the Windows command lines it will be a lot

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Subject: Tor experiment: request for assistance from operators of UK

I'm a researcher at the University of Cambridge, and I'm studying
anonymous communication systems (e.g. Tor). I also operate a Tor node
(ephemer) myself.

Currently, I'm working on a study to discover how diverse the location
of Tor nodes is on the Internet, to see how secure it is against someone
who controls a few ISPs. As a case study, I'm using the UK as an

To do this I need assistance from the operators of Tor nodes in the UK.
It doesn't matter where you are located, I care about the Tor server
itself. I'd like to find out the path between UK Tor nodes and a sample
of others and a few websites too. 

I've written a script for doing this, which is simple enough for anyone
to check that it does what it says. Would you be able run this on the
same computer as your Tor node, or another which shares the same
Internet connection?

There are two scripts, one for Linux/BSD systems and one for Windows.
You only need to run one, and if possible please use the Linux one (it's
faster and produces more useful data).

The Linux script can be found here (use this if possible):
After downloading, at a command prompt, type "chmod 755"
to make it executable and "./" to run it.

The Windows one is here:
To run it, just double click on it

There are PGP signatures here:

The Linux one takes about 2-3 to run and the Windows one will take about
3-4 hours. It doesn't need any attention once started, so you can just
leave it in the background. 

When it is finished, it will say "Completed". It will produce a file
called traceroute.log -- this contains the data I need, please send it
via email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, either on or
off-list. I am also sjmurdoch on the Tor IRC channel.

Thanks in advance,


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