Tor experiment: request for assistance from operators of UK nodes

Ringo Kamens 2600denver at
Sat Feb 17 18:16:10 UTC 2007

This seems like a really cool project. Please post the results to the
list when you're done.
Ringo Kamens

On 2/17/07, Steven Murdoch <tortalk+Steven.Murdoch at> wrote:
> I'm a researcher at the University of Cambridge, and I'm studying
> anonymous communication systems (e.g. Tor). I also operate a Tor node
> (ephemer) myself.
> Currently, I'm working on a study to discover how diverse the location
> of Tor nodes is on the Internet, to see how secure it is against
> someone who controls a few ISPs. As a case study, I'm using the UK as
> an example.
> To do this I need assistance from the operators of Tor nodes in the
> UK. It doesn't matter where you are located, I care about the Tor
> server itself. I'd like to find out the path between UK Tor nodes and
> a sample of others and a few websites too.
> I've written a script for doing this, which is simple enough for
> anyone to check that it does what it says. Would you be able run this
> on the same computer as your Tor node, or another which shares the
> same Internet connection?
> There are two scripts, one for Linux/BSD systems and one for Windows.
> You only need to run one, and if possible please use the Linux one
> (it's faster and produces more useful data).
> The Linux script can be found here (use this if possible):
> After downloading, at a command prompt, type "chmod 755
>" to make it executable and "./" to run it.
> The Windows one is here:
> To run it, just double click on it
> There are PGP signatures here:
> The Linux one takes about 2-3 to run and the Windows one will take
> about 3-4 hours. It doesn't need any attention once started, so you
> can just leave it in the background.
> When it is finished, it will say "Completed". It will produce a file
> called traceroute.log -- this contains the data I need, please send it
> via email.
> If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, either on or
> off-list. I am also sjmurdoch on the Tor IRC channel.
> Thanks in advance,
> Steven.
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> w:

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