PHP coder needs Tor details

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Windows hasn't rendered active content by default since XP SP2. It has never rendered it by default in Vista or Windows 2003.

Windows also no longer runs as administrator by default (I guess you havnt used Vista yet).

Its not just in theory. For instance IIS is now so improved that many sites fed up with the constant hacking, exploits, defacements and patching regime dependency compatibility issues that they experience on Linux are migrating over to Windows server 2003. This has been a consistent trend for some time now and Apache just dropped below 60% market share for the first time since 2002 as a direct result of cumulative migrations from Linux to Windows.

As you say 'most installations are now secure by default'. Touché. 

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This is offtopic, but...

> Actually Windows does exactly the same thing. e.g. the 'Network 
> Service' and 'Local Service' accounts. See 
> rksecurity/securingaccounts.mspx

The point is that rendering active content is default, and running everything as administrator is default (in fact, most Windows userland software needs to be installed and run as administrator) -- the technology and the culture conspire to give us the 250 Mzombie Internet experience we love.
> People seem to forget that the original and worst worm outbreak ever - that efffectively shut down the internet for days was on UNIX...

That was a long time ago. Unix is diverse, and most installations are now secure by default. The technology and the culture work together, and lower profile is one of the key points that diversity is good, monoculture is bad.
> Windows might have its problems but they are not unique.

You're correct only in theory.

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