PHP coder needs Tor details

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Tue Feb 13 10:25:54 UTC 2007

Actually Windows does exactly the same thing. e.g. the 'Network Service' and 'Local Service' accounts. See
People seem to forget that the original and worst worm outbreak ever - that efffectively shut down the internet for days was on UNIX...
Windows might have its problems but they are not unique.


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> To shorten... How do I allow nobody to utilize Tor (It can already
> do that but I must start it like a root and stop it like a root)

Please don't.

The very reason Unix is more secure than Windows is that Unix actively
uses the permission system to prevent insecure things like PHP from
munging the networking daemons.  By running PHP with higher
privileges, you'll make your Unix system just as insecure as Windows.


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