Server Status 'offline' was Re: problems setting up a relay node on win XP

Stephen stephen at
Mon Feb 12 23:38:07 UTC 2007

Nile wrote:

It takes quite a while until your node becomes more heavily used. Tor
clients take your node's uptime into account when considering whether or
not to route through it. Higher uptime indicates a more stable node,
which will get more traffic.

Thanks Nile. My node's status was advertised as being online for some 3hrs or so until late last night, then the status changed to offline & the status has continued to be advertised as offline despite the fact that my connection has been running non-stop for the last 24hrs. Is this normal, if not do you/anyone else have any advice on what I can do to resolve this? The vidalia bandwidth log indicates that some bandwidth has been used during this time (around 70MB) a small portion of which might have come from utilising tor as a client (I've used Tor as a client only very briefly during the last 24hrs).



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