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Fri May 12 16:31:22 UTC 2006

Ringo Kamens said the following on 5/11/2006 8:16 AM:
> Thanks. I'm also giving out gmail invites to whoever wants them. Their
> rules should be posted on the main page or about us page under one of
> these names:
> Terms Of Service (TOS)
> Abuse policy
> Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
> Subscriber Agreement
> Considering that I studied law, after reading thru BellSouth's TOS and
> AUP, it really seems like it's up to BS to decide....however, at the
> relativly low bandwith the server's using, I doubt it will be a
> problem. Let me run this for a few days & see what happens. Thanks
> again, all.
> On 5/11/06, *Christopher W.* <kyfho23 at
> <mailto:kyfho23 at> > wrote:
>     Hello,everyone
>         First, thanks to everyone who contributes to this list, to the
>     development of Tor, the TorCP, Vidalia, and if any of the authors of
>     Privoxy are around, those fine folks. I've learned a lot just lurking.
>         I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with BellSouth (the
>     FastAccess DSL service) and their policy towards running an intermediate
>     (non-exit) node. Alternatively, where do ISPs usually have this
>     information, (what search terms to enter at the site)?
>         I mention this because I'd rather not get nasty letters about
>     "abuse", but also want to contribute, and with the new Vidalia control
>     panel, it seems a lot easier. I don't have money to contribute, but I
>     can run a relay little blow against the system.
>         Also...anyone who doesn't have a Gmail address and wants one, knows
>     someone who wants one, or knows some site thats passing them on...get in
>     touch with me: kyfho23 at <mailto:kyfho23 at> . Seems silly to have 100 of the
>     things, and no takers.
>         Again...thank you all for the education & hard work (I know from my
>     limited experience that coding is tedious). And thanks for believing in
>     individuals.
>     Christopher W.
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