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Arrakistor arrakistor at
Wed May 10 11:59:20 UTC 2006

Jake, et al

It  appears  that the CORALized mirrors had not updated the version of
the source tar it was distributing.

I've replaced it with a direct download from the server.

It  includes  all licenses, directions on how to build torpark, and is
fully   license  compliant.  The  tor.exe  and  firefox  binaries  are
non-modified  and  are  also fully license compliant. You can get them
from  their  creators.  When I start to modify the mozilla binaries, I
will include the source of course.

For interested parties, the source tar is here:

And  yes,  you  might  get  a different checksum, even with LZMA Solid
compression.  The  compiler could be different from the one i download
months  back,  the plugins might have been updated, and there were two
lines  of  code in the original source that were from a next version I
was  working  on,  which was in regards to the SSL seed in the windows
registry.  However,  that  isn't  part of the current build, so I took
those  two  lines  out  after  I  noticed them in there, so the source
should  be  exactly  the  same  except  for  a  modification date, and
assuming there is no trash in file header its self.


Steve Topletz

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