TorPark mentioned on BoingBoing

Arrakistor arrakistor at
Wed May 10 01:46:57 UTC 2006


At the bottom of the page is the download for the source code. In that
tarball is the licenses.

Also,  inside  each  distribution  of Torpark I have also included the

> I see that there's a link to a source tarball at the bottom of
> but a) I don't see a license for Tor there,
> and b) just copying the licenses for software that is released under the
> GPL is not sufficient to follow those licenses. You need to follow section
> 3 of the GPL: the simplest approach in my opinion is to make the complete
> source code available for download from the same site as the binary.

I  am confused as to your suggestion on part 3 of the GPL. You suggest
I  make  the  source  code  available, as though it was not; yet right
above  that  sentence  you tell me that you've seen the source tarball
there. This already conforms to 3(a), does it not? Or do you suggest I
once again add the source code to each download?

If you take a look in the source tar, you would see that I had already
done  what you've now suggested. The licenses for all the products are
there.  Also,  it  may please you to know that in that source were all
files  needed to compile the program as is, except for an image of the
splash screen, which the user is to provide. If your objection is that
I  should  include  my  splash  screen,  I  think that is a reasonable
request. Possibly the reason for your confusion is because the program
is written in Nullsoft Scriptable Install language.

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