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Anothony Georgeo anogeorgeo at yahoo.com
Mon May 22 07:41:04 UTC 2006

--- Fabian Keil <freebsd-listen at fabiankeil.de> wrote:

> Anothony Georgeo <anogeorgeo at yahoo.com> wrote:
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> How do you convince your browser not to fetch
> additional images and style sheet through HTTPS?
> Not actively visiting untrusted HTTPS sites doesn't
> stop anyone from spicing up his pages with HTTPS
> content to get more information about his visitors.
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> Fabian
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Those are valid points and to be honest I did not
concider the possibility malicous HTTPS content on a
HTTP web site.

To that end I have updated my user.actions file to
block all "HTTP CONNECT" attempts via. HTTPS (by using
"limit-connect").  By blocking the CONNECT attempts
Privoxy does not forward HTTPS traffic.  

I set the "limit-connect" paramiter to "Port -1"
(essentially Port "0") which does not exist and thus
blocked by Privoxy.  I tried using "limit-connect{0}"
and "forward :443 ." (in "config.txt") but neither of
those worked properly.

IMO "limit-connect" is the most 'user-friendly' method
to block\unblock HTTPS traffic.

Here are the updated settings, I will update my
original post with the complete and updated
user.actions file.

Please read commented text I included which describes
the settings and how an end-users may configure them. 

Word-wrap may be an issue in regards to the mailing
list's redition of this email.

*Updated* "user.actions" settings relevent to HTTPS:

# This setting blocks "HTTP CONNECT" attempts via. 
# HTTPS (eg. SSl).
# This setting prevents Privoxy from forwarding HTTPS 
# which it can not filter.
{ +limit-connect{-1} } 

# This setting is for URLS (eg. web-sites) you trust 
# and wish to access with an HTTPS (eg. SSL) 
# connection.  
# This setting will over-ride the previous 
# "{ +limit-connect{-1} }" setting, 
# thus allowing access to pre-selected and trusted 
# I included the HTTPS (SSL) URLs for the 'EFF' and 
# for 'Yahoo' web-mail as working examples.  
# CAUTION: When you access an HTTPS URL listed 
# below you are preventing Privoxy from filtering 
# your "Environmental Variables", web-bugs, etc 
# while visiting that site.
# Filtration is suggested and use of these URLs 
# will dimish your anonymity.
{ +limit-connect{443} } 

Any suggestions are welcome,

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