TOR on Academic networks (problem)

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at
Wed May 17 17:08:53 UTC 2006

> Thus making Tor suck for everyone.  The better approach would be to just
> say reject *:80 or reject *:* or something like that.  Your node is
> still useful as a middleman and wouldn't actively harm clients.

Everyone how? .. it'd just affect people trying to access a specific set 
of academic journals through TOR, and only for 15 seconds or so until it 
picked another node.

Academic networks represent a large portion of the TOR servers, and 
because of the way these journals operate, we all have this problem.

Either allow the ExitPolicy to be longer somehow, or change the program 
so the "basic" routing policy is published, and allow each server to 
have a more specific one that is checked only when someone's using that 
exit -- to say "no, I don't allow that specific site, pick another node".


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