Tor is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Sun May 7 08:46:07 UTC 2006

This is the fifth and final release candidate for the 0.1.1.x series.
Please let us know if you find bugs -- if there are no huge problems,
this will turn into the real release.

(As of this mail, the new win32 bundle isn't linked to yet -- I'm hoping
to start linking to the bundle that includes Vidalia rather than TorCP,
since TorCP will soon be obsolete.)

Changes in version - 2006-05-03
  o Minor bugs:
    - Regenerate our local descriptor if it's dirty and we try to use
      it locally (e.g. if it changes during reachability detection).
    - If we setconf our ORPort to 0, we continued to listen on the
      old ORPort and receive connections.
    - Avoid a second warning about machine/limits.h on Debian
    - Be willing to add our own routerinfo into the routerlist.
      Now authorities will include themselves in their directories
      and network-statuses.
    - Stop trying to upload rendezvous descriptors to every
      directory authority: only try the v1 authorities.
    - Servers no longer complain when they think they're not
      registered with the directory authorities. There were too many
      false positives.
    - Backport dist-rpm changes so rpms can be built without errors.

  o Features:
    - Implement an option, VirtualAddrMask, to set which addresses
      get handed out in response to mapaddress requests. This works
      around a bug in tsocks where is never socksified.

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