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Such legislation differs between countries or even between states.
I specifically said that I was referring to material that was already public. Censorship and secrets are slightly different topics. Certainly you could go to another country and legally read it so its a pointless exercise in futility.
Who said anything about distributing? I thought we were talking about the ability to view / download things.

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Tony wrote:
> Just like any other form of censorship, the definition of 'child', 'porn' and 'abuse' is open to interpretation.
That is correct, however legislation is quite exact with these terms.

> Censorship of already published information is never justified imo.
Hm, what about stealing some database with personal names and making it

In Slovenia we had a case, when someone published our former (communist)
secret service dossiers on almost everybody in our country (more than
80% population). That was illegal and banned, and is stil illegal, even
it was already published.

An in some (many, actually) coutries possessing (not "just"
distributing) child porn is illegal.

bye, Matej

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