Some legal trouble with TOR in France

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at
Mon May 15 07:17:48 UTC 2006


> Not that some powers haven't been known to first interrogate you as
> "unrelated witness" (neither you, nor your family, is accused), where
> remaining silent is obstruction of justice and punishable, and _then_
> charge you with the information thus gleaned.

Now I am talking only for Slovenia, but I belive in other european
countries it's similar or the same.

Well, remaining silent is violation only if you are silent AS A WITTNES
(not as accused person) and it it is on the court.

You can always be silent when talking to the police. In SLovenia police
can ask you to came to the police station to give a statement. You must
gothere, but youn can ALWAYS say: I "came here, but I don't want to talk
about that. Googbye". And if they ask you to stay, you can ask them: "Am
I accused of sometnihg". And they MUST answer yes or no. If "no", you
are free to go. If "yes", you have the right to lawyer.

And you can always refuse to answer to a question which could lead to
prosecution of you, or bring you to a great shame.

It could be that some "new, antiterrorist" legislations abandon this
rights in some (less democratic :-)) ) countries. But there is European
Court of Human Rights. And if you live in Europe it is great to know
about it.

bye, Matej

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