"SHTTPD": Windows web-server, light-weight, stand-alone and multi-platform (Unix, etc)

Anothony Georgeo anogeorgeo at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 17:46:12 UTC 2006

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I was reading
and I thought I could help with the the following 

If you're on Windows, ...what should we suggest here? 
Is there a good simple free software (not just 
"freeware") web server for Windows? Please let me know
what we should say here.

IMO "Shttpd" ("Simple HTTPD") is a worthy candidate 
as a Windows web-server for use with HiddenServices.  

Shttpd is a very nice, secure(SSL), free & open-source
(MIT license), light-weight and stand-alone 
web-server which is multi-platform (Win32, Unix, 
Linux, *BSD, MacOS, QNX, Solaris).  

Shttpd has a great and easy to use GUI and the code 
for Shttpd was security reviewed by Adam Zeldis.

Quotes from the site:

SHTTPD is a lightweight web server. The main design 
goals are the ease of use and the ability to embed. 
Ideal for personal use, web-based software demos 
(like PHP, Perl etc), quick file sharing. A care has 
been taken to make the code secure. SHTTPD is licensed

under the terms of MIT license.

* Small. Fast. No bloat, no installation. 
* CGI, SSL, digest auth, resumed download, aliases
* Standard logging (combined format)
* Very simple and clean embedded API
* dietlibc friendly. NOT that friendly to the uClibc 


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