tor+torbutton without privoxy doesn't work

Jens Lechtenboerger snooped at
Fri Jun 2 20:14:41 UTC 2006

Roger Dingledine <arma at> writes:

> [...]
>>Can I use Tor without Privoxy? Is it possible?
> (Answering this question out of order)
> It is possible, but I've found it harder to explain to people how to do
> it, so we simply recommend using Privoxy. If you want to take Privoxy
> out of the loop, check out:
> and recognize that you'll probably screw up your configuration,
> since there are a lot of "how to do this correctly" questions that
> even the Tor developers haven't looked at much yet.

What's wrong with the last link (  For me that
one seems to work just fine.  For German readers, more detailed
instructions concerning further browser settings and background
information are available at:

>> I uninstalled whole
>> pack, restarted my computer, installed only Tor and Tor-startup package,
>> updated Torbutton. I changed config in Torbutton not to use Privoxy and
>> I still get the same error... I cannot use Tor... 
> Ah ha, there is a new Torbutton out this week, with new features and
> new bugs. Great. Here's a partial list from first playing with it:
> * I agree with you that un-clicking "use Privoxy" in the new Torbutton
> doesn't seem to work for me either. I'm using Firefox 1.0 in Debian Sarge.
> When I un-click "Use Privoxy", it fills in "localhost" "9050" for every
> proxy entry. It should just fill it in for the "socks" entry. As it
> is now, my Firefox tries to use Tor directly as an http proxy, which
> doesn't work.
> * When I click "Use custom proxy settings" and remove the "localhost"
> and "9050" from the http proxy, and click ok, it doesn't actually
> take effect. I need to close firefox and restart and then it does.
> * In the "About Torbutton" dialog, it doesn't tell me what version
> I'm using. This makes it hard to report bugs well.
> * I had to play around with it for a while, but it seems that it turns
> Tor off every time I change anything in the "Preferences..." menu. What
> I think that really means is that it's displaying the string "Tor
> Disabled" when the proxy configuration does not exactly match the one
> that we consider safe for Tor. This is great, but now that Torbutton
> has multiple configurations that it wants to consider safe, we need to
> update the logic for when to display "Tor Disabled".

Just to add one point:  In my case, Torbutton configured Firefox to
use the privoxy port 8118 for HTTP, SSL and so on and *also* port
9050 for SOCKS...


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