getting tor to start at boot on mac osx

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Apr 12 22:27:39 UTC 2006

On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 03:06:36PM -0700, User 165 wrote:
>    I've used osx a total of about 4 hours now, and have got the tor/ 
> privoxy package installed.  I've set it up as a server and it works  
> great, but it doesn't seem to start up at boot time.  Did I miss  
> something in the setup?  Tor and Privoxy are listed in the /Library/ 
> StartupItems folder.

I vaguely recall that we fixed our os x package a while ago, because it
wasn't starting somethingerother at boot. Did you try the latest package
( If that works and doesn't, please let us know.


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