How to define DNS name?

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at
Mon Apr 24 13:27:15 UTC 2006

>     ## The IP or fqdn for this server. Leave commented out and Tor will
>     guess.
>     Address

This won't matter when somebody queries -- which is what 
any remote site will see.

> If you don't own an domain name where you can edit the DNS records you
> can register at a free DNS provider like or

Easy to do for forward lookup zones, not so easy for the reverse ones -- 
espically if you're on a "consumer" ISP (eg: comcast, etc.).

You need to figure out who's responsible for and 
change it there, or see if they'll delegate it for you.

Note that DynDNS dosen't permit you to do with their 
'freebie' service. See :


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