[tor-reports] George's status report: December 2015

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Thu Jan 14 19:54:09 UTC 2016

# Activities of December 2015

- Shared randomness implementation is almost done (#16943)! Most bugs have been
  squashed and we are mainly doing testing now. The code will be flagged for
  review on January.

- Revised the HS RSOS patch (#17178) based on teor's suggestions.

- We launched our bug bounty program. We are still in private mode, which means
  that only invited researchers are eligible for the rewards. We hope to expand
  to public bug bounties as soon as we get a hang of this. Here is a news
  article (?!) about this:

- 32C3 seems to have happened as well!

- Helped a bit fixing a nasty entry guard bug (#17772).

# Activities for January 2016

- Get the shared randomness branch ready for review.

- Start organizing further next generation hidden services development.

- Get up to speed with the recent entry guard and traffic padding proposals.

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