[tor-reports] OONI team status report November 2016

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Wed Dec 14 09:04:17 UTC 2016

Hello Tor people!

Below you can learn what the OONI team has been up to in November 2016.


# OONI Monthly Report: November 2016

The OONI team made steady progress in November 2016. Some highlights

* Released 2.1.0 version of ooniprobe that adds supports for running the
IM tests together with a set of tests for reachability of the tor network.

* Released a beta of the Web based GUI for ooniprobe.

* Released an alpha version of the measurements API
(http://alpha.measurements.ooni.io) that allows to programmatically
query for raw measurement files.

* Held an internal meeting and hackathon in Berlin:

* Made a lot of progress on the Android and iOS version of ooniprobe.
You can download a beta of the apk for Android here:
Send us an email to get an invite to test flight for iOS.

## Released ooniprobe 2.1.0

We have come out with a fresh new release of ooniprobe. In this release
we now support:

* Running IM tests (whatsapp and facebook messenger)

* Testing public tor bridges and directory authorities

* Various improvements to the web user interface.

For a full changelog see:

## Alpha version of Measurements API

There is now a public alpha of the measurements API.

Through this it is possible to:
* Have a high level overview of the ooniprobe userbase:
* See the distribution of measurements per date a-la github:
* Programmatically access the raw measurement data for further analysis:
* See reports by country: http://alpha.measurements.ooni.io/files/by_country
* As for the current measurement interface you can list them by date:

By the end of this month this new measurements API will replace

## Internal meeting and hackathon

In November we had an internal meeting and public hackathon in Berlin.
Our internal meeting was an opportunity for the core OONI team to meet
in person, work together, and redefine our roadmap for the next six
months. As part of the hackathon, we had the opportunity to engage many
new individuals with our project, and to share skills and knowledge.

A report on the activities carried out as part of the internal meeting
and public hackathon can be found here:

Our notes from the sessions we held as part of OONI's internal meeting
can be found here:

## Mobile client development effort

The iOS and Android GUI has been totally redesigned, you can see how it
looked before and  how it looks now
  * iOS : https://github.com/measurement-kit/ooniprobe-ios/issues/43
  * Android : https://github.com/measurement-kit/ooniprobe-android/issues/19
Furthermore, some algorithms in the app have been rewritten to be more
stable and adapted to the new GUI.

We also reviewed the roadmap and some milestones for next months have
been added, in the ideal app we plan to be able to schedule tests, run
them in backgound and also be activated from a remote notification.

## Measurement userbase

Our network coverage has been steadily increasing. During the month of
November we received measurements from 54 different countries covering
124 unique network vantage points.

During the month of November ooniprobe was run more than 8,000 times.

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