[tor-reports] ilv's SoP status report #6

ilv ilv at torproject.org
Wed Sep 30 15:11:22 UTC 2015


Sorry for the delay. This is my sixth status report for the SoP's
project "Enhance GetTor". In the past couple of weeks I've:

 * Sketched an idea of what anonymous data could be extracted from
GetTor and be useful.

 * Worked on contract stuff.

 * Made a request to be the owner of GetTor component. Main reason is
that I wasn't receiving notifications for new tickets.

 * Replied son minor bugs (#17030, #17141). The latter is related to
outdated content on Transifex. I talked with Colin about it, so a
solution is on its way (thanks to Giovanni too).

 * Attended the Tor developers meeting in Berlin. I did some roadmap
brainstorming for GetTor with Isabela and Sukhbir. I also worked on
documentation on how to setup GetTor.

In the next weeks I will:

 * Finish pending work from SoP timeline.

That is all for now.


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