[tor-reports] Cristobal's SoP status report #5 (erebus)

Cristobal clv at riseup.net
Wed Sep 16 00:29:50 UTC 2015

Hi everyone!

This is my fifth biweekly status report for SoP project "erebus". During
the last two weeks I:

* Did a major UI improvement. You can take a quick look at [1]
(HTML+JS), and a even quicker look at [2] (screenshot).

* Added BW and Log prepopulation, as well as BW stats and some basic
Relay info (nickname, fingerprint and Tor version).

* Worked (and succeeded) on taking advantage of bi-directional nature of
Websockets. What does this means? Well, at first, erebus client (the
HTML+JS dashboard) was able to just "wait" for data sent by erebus
server (Python server). Now, erebus client can also "ask" for data by
itself, whenever it finds it necessary. For example, when the client is
started, it asks for log prepopulation by sending a message to the
server with the following structure: {'request': 'LOG-CACHE'}.
In the short term, this allows me to work on Log filtering, because the
client is able to tell the server something like: "stop sending me these
logs, and now send me this new ones".

* Added support for basic testing (pep8 and pyflakes).

* Managed to acquire "erebus" name at github! [3] I'll be working on
this new URL from now on.

* Set-up an online demo of erebus [1]. Of course, just a static version.

* Started attending measurement team meetings, and fixed #16962 (Globe).

Over the next weeks, I'll be working on:

* Log deduplication and filtering.
* Add support for erebus writing its own log files.
* Add a new section for showing system resources info.
* Fix minor pending issues, such as max value on BW graphs.
* Documentation

Best Regards,

[1] https://erebus.github.io/
[3] https://github.com/erebus

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