[tor-reports] ilv's SoP status report #5

ilv ilv at torproject.org
Mon Sep 14 18:19:32 UTC 2015


This is my fifth status report for the SoP's project "Enhance GetTor".
The past two weeks were not very productive with respect to coding,
however, I have:

   * Finished the deploying of multilocale replies for the email
autoresponder. Sadly, the size of all Tor Browser packages together is
too big to be pushed successfully to Github, so I had to "select" the
locales supported for the moment (gettor+en, gettor+fa, gettor+zh,
gettor+tr). Please note that until I get translated versions of the body
message, the multilocale feature will give you links for the Tor Browser
package that you are requesting, but the rest of the message will be in

   * Improved, once again, the body of the email autoresponder message.

   * Created a new repository in Github to store the Tor Browser
packages under "TheTorProject" organization (thanks to hellais and isis
for this).

  * Spent some quality time (?) arranging the stuff to attend the dev
meeting. It has been a while since my last travel, so this took me a big
deal of time!

In the next weeks I will:

   * Try to get translated versions of the message sent by the email
   * Catch up with anonymous stats.
   * Work on testing.

Finally, here are the august stats for the email autoresponder:

Stats for August 2015

Since August 3rd until September 14th we have received 5647 new
requests, from 2708 accounts.

Have a nice day.


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