[tor-reports] ilv's SoP status report #4

ilv ilv at torproject.org
Tue Sep 1 00:32:08 UTC 2015

Hello there,

This is my fourth status report for the SoP's project "Enhance GetTor".
During the last two weeks I have:

   * Added OTR support for the XMPP channel. Needs review though.
   * Debugging and other improvements for the Twitter channel.
   * Attended two of the last three Tor Applications meetings. I
discussed #16551 with other developers.
   * Prepared previous work for getting deployed. Sadly, I've been
several days without access to Internet, so I couldn't get it done.

In the next weeks I will:

   * Test changes on Twitter channel and deploy previous work once I
have access to Internet again.
   * Start working on anonymous stats for all three channels.

I'd also like to congrat Jesse and Doncha for their work on SoP now that
they have reached the end of their schedule. I really hope they stick
around :-)

That's it for now, saludos!

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