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Now from the right email :)

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Hi there,
this is a short summary related to sponsor U deliverables. I will start
to share these here as well in the spirit that more communication is
always good :)


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Core Tor report for September 2015.

Tor area 1: guard node improvements
  * We have continued to iterate and discuss on our guard node design, and expect to have a finished specification in the first half of the October. We have begun preliminary work in the Tor codebase to receive a finished implementation, and expect to have a prototype implementation for testing and simulation by the end of the October.

Tor area 2: Improved PKI
  * We've had final technical discussions on key management and revocation, and will be writing up the results of our discussions soon.
  * We've extended our approach to apply cleanly to other areas of the Tor design, including hidden services and shared randomness generation. This will allow the work done in this area to advance the state of research in other areas.
  * The baseline support for Ed25519 identity management has shipped in Tor[0], and is now in use by an increasingly large number of relays.

Tor area 3: DoS whitepaper, proposals
  * We've outline and drafted our DoS whitepaper, and expect a final version by the end of the October.
  * We've also written an outline for a set of strategic plans concerning top-level priorities for DoS amelioration, and will be including these in the draft.
  * We've identified (undeployed) proposals 206 and 210 as a surprisingly promising venue for DoS avoidance, and will be extending these into an implementation plan.
  * We're also writing additional proposals based on our research, and expect to slightly overdeliver in this area.

Tor area 4: developer docs.
  * All quick-start and overview guides are in progress, and should be done by mid-October.  The existing test guide has proved sufficiently useful that a set of volunteer developers has used it to build major improvements to Tor's test coverage.

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