[tor-reports] September 2015 Report for the Tor Browser Team

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Mon Oct 12 22:36:32 UTC 2015

In September, the Tor Browser team made two releases: 5.0.3[1] and

Both releases were triggered by the upstream release of Firefox 38.3.0.
We took this opportunity to fix regressions in 5.0.3, and to test some
new defenses and patches in 5.5a3.

In 5.0.3, we fixed issues with browser language reporting[3],
compatibility regressions with some sites using new features (like
mega.nz)[4], a PDF viewer file saving issue[5], several UI regressions
and general fixes[6,7,8,9,10,11,12], two fingerprinting fixes[13,14],
and a print-related crash bug[15]. We also disabled URL bar domain name
"fixups" to prevent leaking onion names via exit nodes in obscure
circumstances[16], disabled Firefox "Hotfix" updates in favor of full
updates[17], and fixed a Windows build issue introduced by a fix by

In 5.5a3, we additionally added some internationalization fixes to the
about:tor page[19,20], added a Japanese bundle[21], added changelog
information in a new tab upon upgrade[22], and allowed more system fonts
on MacOS and Windows[23] for better website readability and rendering.

At the end of the month, we attended the Tor Developer Meeting. There,
we updated our roadmap[24], and discussed many potential exciting
opportunities for future development.

The full list of tickets closed by the Tor Browser team in September can
be seen using the TorBrowserTeam201509 tag on our bug tracker[25].

In October, our priority will be finishing up the remaining funded items
for this year (listed under October in our new roadmap[26]). We will
also begin our investigation into our addon compatibility with Mozilla's
future E10S-safe addon APIs[27], and enumerate the work and new APIs we
may need so that we have time to submit suggestions and/or patches to
Mozilla by the code freeze for 45-ESR in December.

The full list of tickets that the Tor Browser team plans to work on in
October can be seen using the TorBrowserTeam201510 tag on our bug

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Mike Perry
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