[tor-reports] What Isabela did in April

Isabela isabela at riseup.net
Thu May 7 23:57:14 UTC 2015

Hi there, I was really sick at the first week of April, then had a back
injury that didn't help.
But I was able to get some work done and help Roger and Nick with ED
transition stuff. Below is a summary:

* Worked on quarterly reports for Sponsor S and O. Also helped
coordinate phone call with the sponsor by making sure we had all the
information necessary in hands
* Worked on first brainstorm session and the summary of that for
'support after sponsor O' plan with the support/localization team
* Summarized and organized comments from HS crowdfunding blog post and
helped organize meeting on next steps for the project
* Launched Operations bi-weekly meeting to help coordinate operational
work that is necessary to keep Tor Project engine moving / now I
maintaining it by keeping up with the agenda and other necessary work.
* Submitted Isis report to Tom
* I've been maintaining to do list to help Roger keep track of ED work
* Helped with some ed-transition stuff (mostly helping coordinate all
the different things going on and help getting them resolved)
* Updated tickets on trac to reflect 0.2.7 triage
* Worked on user growth plan
* Also got introduced to sponsor O+S and U. Added myself as Tor POC for
OTF 'host organization' program that we joined. All this is good
progress on me taking over more on this front as it was requested when I
joined Tor.

PM at TorProject.org
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