[tor-reports] Pearl Crescent Report – March 2015

Mark Smith mcs at pearlcrescent.com
Tue Mar 31 21:42:18 UTC 2015

Tor-related work that the Pearl Crescent team did in March
(Kathy Brade and Mark Smith):

* Firefox Updater for Tor Browser:

We made several small improvements to the updater and to the
Tor Browser build process:
   "Build MAR tools archive deterministically"

   "Windows: disable "runas" code path in updater"

   "Patch make_incremental_update.sh to only include forced updates if
    they differ"

* Tor Browser and Torbutton:

We spent a little time testing the Tor Browser 4.0.5, 4.0.6, and 4.5a5 
candidate builds.

We helped with bug triage, code reviews, and worked on various fixes.

Tickets that we fixed:
   "Create preference to disable SVG"

   "Create preference to disable MathML"

   "Users that try to run from DMG files run into
       'Another copy of Firefox is running'"

Interesting tickets for which we did code reviews:
   "Prompt if Tor Browser is Maximized"

   "Tor Launcher/Torbutton should provide a "Security Slider"

   "Better handle vertical displays"

   "about:tor page has text alignment problems for RTL languages"

* Tor Launcher:

We spent some time on bug triage and usability improvements.
Interesting tickets that we worked on:
   "Tor Launcher strips "bridge" from the middle of bridge lines"

   "Improve error message "Connecting to a relay directory failed
        (no route to host)."

* Miscellaneous Activities:
    We reviewed notes from the Winter Dev Meeting.

    We participated in the weekly Tor Browser dev meetings on IRC and
    in various design discussions on IRC and on the mailing lists.

* Planned for April 2015:
     - Do whatever we can to help the team ship Tor Browser 4.5.

     - Assist with porting Tor Browser patches to the Firefox ESR 38

     - Fix any updater issues that occur in the field, and continue
       to improve the updater user experience.

     - Make some progress on design and implementation for:
         "Implement update verification via Tor consensus in Tor Browser"

     - Continue to look at Tor Browser, Tor Launcher, and Torbutton
       issues that were exposed during the UX Sprint.

Mark Smith
Pearl Crescent

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