[tor-reports] OONI team progress report for January 2015

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Tue Mar 17 16:51:34 UTC 2015

It seems like we got a bit too carried away and did not write a status
report for 2 months.

So here is the report for January and following this mail will be the
progress report for February.

# What we did in January

## What we said we would do:

* Create the ooni-probe operator mailing list and subscribe all relevant
people to it.

* Improve the consent disclaimer for ooni-probe
Work was started on this, but is not yet finished as we are waiting to
also have a professional legal opinion:

* Work on visualizations for the tests
Some progress has been done on this. Mainly the existing code was moved
to TheTorProject github account here:

* Automate the report publishing and synchronization tasks
The changes needed in ooni-sysadmin were implemented, but we did not
complete in January the ooni-pipeline stuff (see new report for details
on that).

* Setup monitoring of ooni infrastructure:
No progress on this was made

* Add support for obfs4
Progress on this has been made, but it is not yet merged into master

## What else we did

* Migrate the pipeline and bouncer to a new machine since we had run out
of disk space.

* Restructure directories where ooni software writes/reads from needed
for releasing the new debian package:

* Various bugfixes and improvements to fix issues with the debian package:

* Properly handle some 500 errors in ooni-backend:

* Fix error handling in report update:

That's all folks, following will be the report for February 2015

~ Arturo

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