[tor-reports] May 2015

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Mon Jun 1 13:30:36 UTC 2015


In May, I think this list is somehow covering a number of important highlights:

 Met with a museum in Germany about a large educational installation about Tor
 Attended and spoke at re:publica in Berlin
 Met with w3c and web we want people to discuss Tor
 Collaborated a bit with the SUPERNERDS production
 Spoke at Security in Times of Surveillance in Eindhoven
 Held guest lecture at TU Eindhoven for students about Tor
 Re-read a key Shamir paper on ring signatures
 Helped a student understand Pond
 Continued Tor Labs planning
 Looked into KnightFunding for TorBirdy
 Attended Amnesty (Art for Conscious Award) event. Encouraged them to
hire Andreas.
 Discussed our various goals with Patti Smith who seems keen to help us.
 Worked on a variety of press issues with Katie
 Arranged for some Panda2Panda deliveries - one now at the V&A
 The UN report on crypto and anonymity was released.
 Prepared for a number of meetings in the future with the EUP and the CoE
 Released tlsdate 0.0.13 for Debian 8.1 to address gmt bug
 Met with people from SRLabs to discuss integrating Tor with their GSM projects
 Looked at the LogJam research for how it impacts Tor and OTR
 Encouraged phw to release Censorship Bib (and he did!)
 Worked on adding HTTP proxy support to a golang TextSecure implementation
 Met with film maker who filmed the Tiananmen Square massacre
 Tested using SilentCircle with (transparent) Tor
 Attending the Crypto Summer School in Croatia

Also on a personal note my dirauth went down and is now totally
unresponsive. Provider is also unresponsive but will hopefully get
back to me soon.

All the best,

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