[tor-reports] Isabela's June work log

Isabela isabela at riseup.net
Thu Jul 2 16:11:25 UTC 2015

June work log:

Went to Boston to work with Finance on multiple things that we are
trying to organize better. Also to coordinate contracts renew process
(for those who contracts are ending in June).

Then (still in Boston) participated on a 3 days meeting at Wendy's house
where we discussed multiple topics (summary was sent to Tor Internal).

Shepherding the implementation of Vegas Plan 2 - making sure we are
rolling things out, team leads are contacting the members of their team,
organizing first meetings and so on.

Coordinating Operations bi-weekly meetings.

Helping Finance obtain whatever information they need to do our budget

Participated on the 2 interviews rounds for exec-admin position.

Starting working with Nick on going back to more PM work and help him
with Core Tor meetings and tasks.

Prepared a monthly routine for Tor as whole - not enough time in June to
kick off the implementation of that (i.e. share with internal, organize
Trac for it etc).

Working on a draft proposal for an interim grant (proposed by Wendy
during Boston meeting) which is just a 'bridge funding', normally this
is used as a 'jump step' for an organization to get the necessary things
it needs to get the next level they are aiming. In our case would be
things like Vegas plan, hire new people (i.e. exec-admin, grant
writer/manager) and other things we are doing to better support the Tor

Start to work with Mike, Roger and SecondMouse on rearranging a proposal
for SIDA.

Attended PETs.

PM at TorProject.org
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