[tor-reports] dgoulet's December 2014

David Goulet dgoulet at ev0ke.net
Fri Jan 2 19:04:14 UTC 2015

# Status report for December 2014

- Graph HS measurements using added trace events to the code base.

  Example of graph we can easily produce now.


  Report on the work done:

  Related to ticket:
  #13792: HS statistics for private tor network to gather info on
  services, clients and relays

- Created git repository for private HS statistic analysis.

  * https://gitorious.org/tor-hs-stats

  The above contains python script to analyze LTTng traces and generate
  graphs like the one above (ip-025.png). The README detail what's in the

- Performance analysis of a fast relay.

  Related to #12464. I'm using perf to profile my fast relay so we can pin
  point bottle necks with in production relay.

- Helped Rob Jansen for making shadow work with LTTng to measure HS
  performance mentionned above.

  We have an EC2 instance right now that we share with both software
  installed thus conducting measurement experiment there. Still working on
  making both lttng and shadow work together.

- Started to play around FreeBSD tree.h to use red/black tree for some
  possible optimization in tor. See #13739. No yet a working branch but
  hopefully will get there.

- Ticket work:


  #8864: Hidden service: Suddenly the service does not respond to new
  connections (INTRODUCE2 cell on intro circ with no corresponding
  #13667: HS port scanning.
  #13936: circuit_has_opened() should be called for rendezvous circuit
  #13934: Hidden service torrc template and network configuration (chutney)


  #9682: Better work queue implementation for cpuworkers
  #9635: Tor clients warn when they use the wrong ntor onion key
  #10067: Have `reject *` as the default exit policy
  #12890: Design and implement optimizations for socket write limits
  #13192: Collect aggregate stats of total hidden service usage vs total
  exit usage in Tor network
  #13222: Clients accessing a hidden service can establish their rend point
  in parallel to fetching the hsdesc
  #13339: Merge GSoC project - Consensus Diffs
  #13887: Pick a reporting format for Chutney
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