[tor-reports] SponsorR January 2015 report

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Mon Feb 9 19:14:51 UTC 2015


here is the January 2015 report for SponsorR:

- We finished and published the tech report that details our findings on
  the new hidden service statistics. You can find the tech report here:

- We published a first draft of the tech report that analyzes future
  potential hidden service statistics:

- We discussed ways and schemes to collect statistics in ways that
  preserves privacy and reduces total statistics noise:

- Progress was made in checking hidden service correctness using
  testing networks (#13209). We published notes on how we can use
  testing networks to better understand hidden services:

  Also, more research was performed on simulating
  hidden-service-enabled networks using Shadow.

- We refined the Tor specification and added more information on why
  hidden service circuits get closed:

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