[tor-reports] Nick's January report

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Thu Feb 5 15:58:32 UTC 2015

In January I:

 - Spent more time than I would have wanted dealing with snow.

 - Prioritized tickets for 0.2.6, and worked to try to resolve as many
   outstanding 0.2.6 issues as possible, including ones related to hidden
   service stability and performance, and testing in tor.

 - Tickets I fixed include 9286, 9819, 14128, 12485, 13762, 7555 (needed lots
   of new testing), 9262, zlib-related OOM issues, systemd build issues,

 - I implemented proposal 227 to help the TB team do update-checking.

 - Released new libevent versions including a patch for a possible security
   issue (which does not affect Tor)

 - Taught a journalist a bit about ECC and a lot about what's known (and not
   known) about NSA chicanery wrt NIST standards.

 - Co-wrote proposals 239 (consensus hash chaining), 240 (early signing key
   revocation for directory authorities), and 241 (Resisting guard-turnover

 - Reviewed and merged numerous patches from numbers paid and volunteer

 - Planned a redesign of chutney for greater flexibility and coverage of more

 - Chatted with Yawning about desirable properties for a TLS replacement;
   started drafting some.

 - Worked with folks around the office to try to find out their questions
   were blocking questions, and expedited getting answers for those.

 - Helped interview some candidates for the PM position.

 - Began to prepare for an release.

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