[tor-reports] ilv's SoP status report #3

ilv ilv at torproject.org
Mon Aug 17 21:42:43 UTC 2015

Hello there,

This is my third status report for the SoP's project "Enhance GetTor".
During the last two weeks I have:

* Worked in sending links to download Tor Browser in other languages
than english.

* Worked in the xmpp bot. I've been updating various stuff in the code,
so still work in progress.

* Worked in the body of the message sent by the email autoresponder in
order to send all links but in a simpler way.

* Removed dropbox links for the moment because the current account has
exceeded its quota (while updating to Tor Browser 5.0). I've enabled
google drive links instead. Also, we've trying to get official accounts
for this, but no success so far (see #10692).

In the next weeks I will:

* Finish the pending stuff on the xmpp bot.
* Finish the twitter bot. Luckily, last week Twitter changed the length
of DM to 10000 characters, so that would help a lot!

On a related topic, I've also attended the last two tor applications
meetings, and I'll be working on #16551 during the week.

That's it for now.

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