[tor-reports] dgoulet's March 2015

David Goulet dgoulet at ev0ke.net
Wed Apr 1 18:18:24 UTC 2015

# Status report for March 2015

- Attended Winter Developer Meeting in Valencia, Spain.

  March 1st to 8th. Slept for 24 hours on the 9th ;).

- Control command and refactoring of the HS fetch descriptor code.

  #14847: Controller: add a command to fetch HS descriptor from HSdir(s)

  Code for the HS_DESC_CONTENT event and the HSFETCH command that required some
  important refactoring in the little-t tor code.

  Has been reviewed and is under "nickm-review" for upstream merge. Exciting!

- Proof of Concept of an HS health measurer tool.

  Currently trying to measure relay churn and reachability. The repository below
  contains the python code that does the analysis. You need my tor branch
  bug14847_027_04 in my repository for that.

  Repo: https://gitlab.com/hs-health/hs-health (Gitorious is dying in May)

- Wrote an HS descriptor timeline.


  (Volatile, at some point could be used for documentation, will see. Feedback
  welcome btw!)

  I needed this after some time to have a clear mental picture of
  where/when/what is changing for an HS descriptor in a 24 hour period (validity
  of descriptor). I still want to integrate intro point cycling in there that
  can change the descriptor.

  Just this brought two possible solutions for #12500 (having
  RendInitialPostPeriod) and #13483 (comment:8). It also put things in
  perspective for the HS health measurer. Much clearer where are the contention
  points for HS reachability.

- Help the "investiguation team" to understand poor performance of an HS having
  a large amount of clients. We came down with some possible solution for which
  some will be applied in the next stable release.  Still much to do there!


- Review Yawning's patch for ephemeral hidden service

  # Adding hidden services through control socket

- Much! bug triage for 0.2.7. Wow bug review. :)
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