[tor-reports] What Nick did in March

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Wed Apr 1 03:01:48 UTC 2015

In March, I did all of the following:

  * Attended the dev meeting in valencia.

  * Released Tor,,,, and --
    see their changelogs for more details.

  * Published a blog post about upcoming features in Tor 0.2.6.

  * Did extensive bug triage and planning for Tor 0.2.7 with Isabela and the
    rest of the team.

  * Did some code analysis and hacking to determine the best/most important
    functions to test and refactor:

    (For Sponsor S)

  * Wrote up info on good controller features for testing:


    (For Sponsor S)

  * Helped analyze HS DoS issues, guard selection issues, and other design

  * Drafted a bunch of documentation on desirable properties for Chutney's
    target direction, and how to make its integration tests more flexible.
    (Will email soon.)

  * Did an interview at Katie's request.

  * Reviewed a bunch of patches, fixed a bunch of bugs

  * Wrote less code than I would prefer.

In April I hope to:

   * Write more code

   * Get a real schedule for my next few months.

   * Do everything I need to to help everybody else with a good project
     launch it correctly.

   * Finish evaluation for stats aggregation / SMC systems for hs stats
     (Sponsor R)

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