[tor-reports] Karsten's September 2014

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Thu Oct 2 13:15:05 UTC 2014

 - Reviewed and merged iwakeh's patch to switch to a new logging
framework (#12882).
 - Discussed performance bottlenecks and the possibility of switching to
a database design (#11573).
 - Wrote a Nagios script to make sure the front-end is working as expected.
 - Evaluated using SonarQube to improve code quality (#13080).
 - Started assigning protocol and release versions (#12905, #13088).
 - Discussed and reviewed a first patch to switch from Tomcat to Jetty
 - Briefly discussed SMTP logging, but decided against it in favor of
more Nagios checks (#13003).
 - Commented on the idea of supporting various fingerprint formats (#13135).
 - Discussed with Sebastian to include more historical data, but decided
to first include details from votes (#13137).
 - Commented on and reviewed a first patch by iwakeh towards providing a
client API (#12944).
 - Reviewed iwakeh's patch to avoid escaped forward slashes in contact
lines (#13267).
 - Talked to three friendly people who offered hosting and system
administration for mirrors.

 - Reviewed and merged a patch by iwakeh that removes a cyclic
dependency between packages (#12868).

 - Switched from copying gabelmoo's cached descriptors via ssh to
downloading gabelmoo's and moria1's cached descriptors via http.

 - Made a graph with the PT usage of all transports in different colors

 - Held an IRC meeting to discuss the future of Atlas/Globe.

 - Set up a Torperf instance to measure hidden service performance (#1944).

Sponsor O:
 - Wrapped up Q3/2014.

 - Made graphs with contributed relays and bandwidth by participants of
EFF's second relay challenge.

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