[tor-reports] Lunar’s report for September 2014

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Wed Oct 1 10:02:34 UTC 2014


Lunar reporting for September 2014:

Help desk

Handled 294 tickets in English, 31 in French, and sorted around 172

Sent the Tor help desk report for August.

Reviewed Sherief's work on Pups and statistics.

Helped set up a calendar for who is available to work the 'help' queue.
Wrote a small script to send a weekly reminder to the internal support
mailing list.

Contributed 14 messages to the thread trying to sort out the situation
regarding records of support requests. This eventually allowed me to
shut down Request Tracker for 24 hours, purge tickets from the database,
fight with the “Scrip” system without logs to add a warning message, and
write a cronjob to purge tickets older than 100 days and encrypt the
extracted SQL dump. I'm still bewildered that simple questions like “how
many records must Tor Project, Inc. keep” and “where are encrypted
archives going to be stored” are still unanswered.

There's a little bit of operational documentation about RT now:

Tor Weekly News

Worked far less than usual on issues 61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th and 65th.

The tor-news mailing list has 1651 subscribers as of today.

Debian matters

Uploaded ooniprobe/1.1.1-1 to Debian unstable, and later
ooniprobe/1.1.1-1_bpo70+1 to Debian wheezy-backports.

Uploaded obfsproxy/0.2.11-1~bpo70+1 to Debian wheezy-backports.

Uploaded obfsproxy/0.2.12-1 to Debian unstable, including intrigeri's
AppArmor profile.

Uploaded https-everywhere/4.0.1-1 to Debian unstable.

Took care of packaging obfs4proxy (#12910) and two of its dependencies.
obfs4proxy/0.0.1-1 entered the next Debian release on 2014-09-28.

Wrote debbindiff for the reproducible builds project. This should also
help to figure out future Tor Browser issues:
Example output:


Asked FOSDEM organizers to reserve a stand for Tor. FOSDEM will be
January 31th and February 1st in 2015.

Wrote a draft report describing August activity to be sent to
A bit of QA on 3.6.6 and 4.0-alpha-3.

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