[tor-reports] George's status report: November 2014

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Sun Nov 30 13:53:06 UTC 2014

# Activities of November 2014

- Started a discussion on hidden service statistics and the ways they
  should be collected:
  As a result, me and Karsten worked on a proposal draft (#13509) on
  how to collect the first two statistics about HS usage:

  The proposal will need a few revisions and implementation (#13192)
  will start on early December.

  I also did various SponsorR bureaucracy and organization tasks.

- Survived the Operation Onymous madness:

  I helped around with the blog post and contributed to the guard
  discovery attack discussion:

  I also wrote a small patch that makes it a bit harder to attack HSes
  through guard discovery attacks:

  I also wrote down some ideas about HS authorization UI that received
  good feedback:

  I also helped Tom Ritter a bit to move forward with the Certificate
  Authorities and Tor hidden services combo:
- Fixed up my guardfraction work based on comment by Nick and
  Sebastian (#9321/#13125).

- Helped around on a few tickets:
  #9503: Mechanism to provoke an unscheduled heartbeat.
  #13126: Deprecate smartlist_choose_node_by_bandwidth() ?
  #13838: Potential HS guard discovery using bw stats
  #13664: Potential issue with rend cache object when intro points falls to 0. 

- Collected all team and community feedback about possible SponsorR
  tasks at:

  The original thread can be found here:

- I setup obfs4 and fte on my bridge!
  bridge-ip-transports <OR>=8,fte=8,obfs2=8,obfs3=16480,obfs4=72,scramblesuit=232

# Activities for December 2014

- Finish up the HS statistics proposal and implement it (#13192). Also
  deploy it in a few relays to get some initial statistics.

  Also work on the HS statistics tech report that Karsten has been
  playing with.

- Further revise my guardfraction work based on the more recent
  feedback of Nick. Also reply to #11045 that Damian asked me to.

- Think more about the hidden service crowdfunding ideas we've been
  talking about.

- Reply to a few HS-related threads:
  [tor-talk] Isolating a hidden service hit by DDOS
  [tor-dev] Researching Tor for Master's Thesis


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