[tor-reports] Karsten's October 2014

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Nov 7 09:51:14 UTC 2014

Sponsor O:
 - Wrapped up Q3/2014 by resolving all open project tickets for that
 - Discussed some tasks for Q4/2014 with developers.
 - Attended an IRC meeting hosted by Colin to talk about documentation
and videos.

 - Extended the search parameter to also accept base64-encoded
fingerprints (#13135).
 - Installed an Onionoo mirror on a server kindly offered by TheCthulhu
and s7r.
 - Made Onionoo's logs more useful (#13362).
 - Clarified when bandwidth graphs are updated (#13394).
 - Started adding a new `descriptor` parameter (#13424) and `debug`
document type (#13425).
 - Documented a possible discrepancy between exit policy summary showing
"reject 1-65535" although a relay accepts ports and exit connections
 - Reviewed and tested a patch to switch from Tomcat to embedded Jetty
 - Tweaked memory usage of the hourly importer which led to
out-of-memory exceptions on the new mirror (#13574).
 - Outlined tasks for improving bulk imports of descriptor archives
 - Started refactoring huge class NodeDetailsStatusUpdater, which is
also related to better supporting bulk imports (#12651).

 - Installed Atlas and Globe on the server provided by TheCthulhu and s7r.

 - Made sure that metrics-db/CollecTor doesn't choke on `published`
lines in bridge network statuses (#12951).
 - Investigated a problem with metrics-db reporting that it's missing
server descriptors, which turned out to be a temporary problem from a
previous run not exiting normally.

Sponsor R:
 - Started planning how to contribute to Sponsor R by adding hidden
services statistics and running performance measurements.

 - Discussed a possible redesign of the Tor Metrics website with Leiah
and Jeremy, with feedback from a few other folks.
 - Briefly looked into an anti-correlation between OR and obfs3 bridge
users found by David.

 - Discussed forming a team of Tor network services people inside Tor,
based on Mike's and Roger's Vegas plan.

 - Started discussing better Nagios checks for BridgeDB.

Consensus Health:
 - Moved consensus-health.tpo from yatei to new virtual server henryi.
 - Briefly discussed a re-implementation of consensus-health by Tom Ritter.

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