[tor-reports] Harmony's October 2014

Harmony harmony01 at riseup.net
Sat Nov 1 13:05:26 UTC 2014

Harmony’s October 2014 report

Here is what I did this month.


* I solved 224 support tickets, of which 104 in Persian, 47 in Russian,
   and 73 in English.

* I wrote up 4 template answers in Russian, to be used when responding
   to support tickets, and created 3 templates on RT in English and
   Persian. Thanks to David Fifield for pointing out this illustrated
   Persian-language meek tutorial (and to the authors for writing it):

Tor Weekly News

* I wrote large parts of issues #65, #67, #68, and #69 of Tor Weekly
   News, and published these on the tor-news and tor-talk mailing lists
   and on the blog, making a total of nineteen issues released by me so


* I was out of action at the start of the month. Special thanks to Lunar
   for taking care of TWN #66 at very short notice.

* Other than that, this month was more productive than the last.

* The help-fa backlog is mostly sorted.

In November I hope to:

* Do more support, and more Tor Weekly News.

harmony01 at riseup.net

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