[tor-reports] Kelley's Status Report - January/February 2014

Kelley Misata kelley at torproject.org
Sat Mar 1 18:05:06 UTC 2014

Here are highlights from the world of Tor marketing, communications and
outreach for January and February:

The majority of my time was spent on planning the winter dev meeting.

*Winter Dev Meeting:*

   - Found hotel in Iceland to host our meetings and room accommodations
   and work the majority of January and February managing these logistics
   including all room assignments for over 40 people.
   - Conducted direct outreach with over 120 people inviting them to the
   dev meeting, organizing arrival/departure dates, answering questions, etc.
   - Worked with local contacts in Iceland on schedules, evening events and
   fun things to do in Iceland for the team;
   - Secured $30K in funding from the Knight Foundation for the dev meeting
   - as a commitment for these funds did outreach to 20 news organizations in
   - Conducted sponsorship outreach to IcelandAir, 66ºNorth and other local
   organization to help offset the cost of the dev meeting.
   - Coordinated event logistics and promotion with several department
   within Reykjavik University.
   - Managed logistics and scheduling of a documentary film crew to attend
   our dev meeting and film members of the team.
   - Attended the dev meeting - sincere thanks to Karsten, Damian and Karen
   for their tutorials and support with track tickets, IRC and terminal.  And
   to Andrew for supporting me through the process of pulling the dev meeting
   - Organized the sale of Tor t-shirts to offset some of the costs of our
   dev meeting.

 Additionally, I did the following:

   - *Summer Dev Meeting:*  Secured a host for our summer dev meeting.
    Exchanged several planning emails and had a 1.5 hour planning call to
   outline the details for the week.  Prepared FAQ summary for sponsor to use
   internally - waiting for go ahead from host to announce the event.
   - *Communications Training:*  Work with Spitfire to organize and attend
   a day-long communications training workshop Spitfire Strategies .
   - *Press Requests:*  Continued fielding and responding to media request
   through execdir.  Did a phone interview with PBS Newshour.  Worked with a
   documentary film crew regarding coming to the dev meeting and filing
   members of the Tor team.
   - *Joint Task Force on Virtual Economies:* Worked with subgroups on
   editing the final report.  Final report will be available in March.
   - *2013 Annual Report* - Followed up with Andrew on the contract for our
   designer of the annual report.  Continued to gather content.
   - *CRM* - Made small contributions to the CRM via importing contacts.
   - *Outreach [funding]:*  Continued seeking and making contact with new
   funding or other partners.
   - *"Upcoming Tor Events" on Tor blog* - Continued updating as I see
   things come over tor-internal.
   - *Tor Swag [stickers, t-shirts, etc.]* - Ordered stickers and t-shirts
   to bring to the dev meeting.
   - *Unixstickers* - Launch Tor's stickers available through the the
<http://www.unixstickers.com/collections/tor-project>website - this is
a 6 month trial only.
   - *Otter Buoyant Project* - Made progress on Otter at the dev meeting.
   - *DRL Implementers Meeting *- Attended a small portion of the DRL
   Implementers meeting to connect with a few people who I had not seen since
   the last Implementers Meeting in 2013.

Thanks everyone - it was wonderful seeing you all in Iceland!  Looking
forward to the summer meeting in a few short months.


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