[tor-reports] Trip Report: IRE and NICAR - Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference

Kelley Misata kelley at torproject.org
Sat Mar 1 17:55:31 UTC 2014

This morning I presented "Journalists - Staying Safe in a Digital World"
for over 50 journalist at the 2014 Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference
<https://www.ire.org/conferences/nicar-2014/>in Baltimore, MD. The
presentation covered who is Tor, what is Tor, Orbot, Tails and other
important behaviors to stay safe online. After a show of hands of how many
people knew about Tor at the start (only 2 people raised their hands) I
decided to do my audience participation demonstration of how Tor works -
using envelopes and audience participation to illustrate how the network
operates.  It is fun, engages the audience, and most importantly helps
create a lasting image of how the Tor network works.  Pointed people to The
Guardian Project and other partners within our community.

The response was overwhelmingly positive which is good for the soul when
you do a presentation on a Saturday morning.  They loved the Tor stickers
and especially the webcam clings I brought with me. Several conversations
continued after the presentation and including a connection with a
journalist student who planning to do digital safety training for
journalists when she moves back to the Middle East this year.  I encouraged
her to join our mailing list and we committed to stay in contact as is very
interested in volunteering for Tor.  Possibly a volunteer for Otter?

Thank you to the Knight Foundation who made the introduction to the
organizers of the conference and requested Tor participate.

Thank you to my taxi driver who informed me over the course of the 20
minute ride that space aliens are going to be invading the US and the
Internet is how they are communicating to plan the attack.  Never a dull


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