[tor-reports] [GSoC] BridgeDB Twitter Distributor report

Kostas Jakeliunas kostas at jakeliunas.com
Sat Jul 26 05:27:16 UTC 2014

Progress/activities since last time:

  * incorporating BridgeRequest's together with an initial bridge request
API over JSON (it's easier to do both as they are tightly related.) The
bridge request api is based on isis' initial fix/12029-dist-api_r1;

  * bogus server-side bridge provider that implements the json api: just
something that gives fake bridges based on the request (which is
handled/contained in BridgeRequest.) (will have server side code real soon
now (hoped to have it by now.))

  * my churn_rewrite could probably make use of bridgedb's current approach
to pickled storage. (It's also worth switching to twisted.spread.jelly for
(mostly) security)

  * experimenting with sending images over twitter DMs. Twitter API does
not support images in DMs, but the web as well as various mobile apps
support attaching images to DMs (images end up in twitter CDN. (served over
ton.twitter.com), which is good.) Some progress here: the web client DM
send requests (where image files can be attached) are contained; the bot
should be able to send images in DMs soon, emulating a normal web user
agent (but using the two twitter APIs for all other activities and DMs.)

  * once bridgerequest's + request api (client-side + my mock server-side
thing) are done, the bot will have approached a not-far-from-functional

Apologies for the late report.



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