[tor-reports] Andrew's December 2013

andrew at torproject.is andrew at torproject.is
Sat Jan 11 18:09:04 UTC 2014

1. Continued to work with two victims of abuse and help their legal and
support teams understand the usage of technology in their cases.

2. Continue to work on improving donations through
our website. For more details, see the milestone:

3. Continue to work on upgrading our
infrastructure. For more details, see the project:

4. Started a project to upgrade our blog. See the milestone:

5. Worked with Kelley and others to find sponsors, fund, and plan the
2014 Winter Developers' Meeting. The wiki page is a work in progress,

6. Worked with our auditors, CFO, and legal term to start
accepting Bitcoins via Bitpay. Read the announcement at

7. Continuing to work on accepting bitcoins directly in a wallet
maintained by Tor. This is legal and financial challenge given we have
to pass an A-133 audit every year.

8. Helped write two proposals for funding.

9. Filed a complaint with Apple about a fake tor browser
in their App Store. See the continuing progress at

10. Held a Board Meeting and approved a budget for FY2014 under uncertain
funding futures.

11. Worked with someone to re-write the website mirror script which
produces the table of website mirrors on our website. See the ticket
for details, https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/10269

12. Spent a lot of time with our lawyers reviewing contracts, employee
agreements, policies, annual goals and objectives, and the like for
FY2014. The goal is to tighten up Tor's company operations. Likely we
need to hire a person to manage all of this.

13. Answered over 50 press queries about Tor, NSA, hidden services,
journalism, victim services, and general interest. Highlights were
in-person interviews with Bloomberg, Boston Globe/New York Times, MIT
Tech Review, and Al Jazeera America.

14. Started brainstorming and reviewing a new branding and communications
plan. We'll have more to share in February 2014.

15. Tweaked the download-easy web page to
highlight the donations widget. Current progress at

16. Worked with a designer and now coder on enhancing
the download-easy web page. Current progress at

17. Completed a bunch of administrivia.

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