[tor-reports] Lunar's report for December 2013

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Fri Jan 3 15:48:38 UTC 2014


Here's my report for December 2013:

Help desk

On the help desk front, I have accepted to take the role of coordinator.

The first thing I did was to try to describe what the role meant and
seek an agreement with other Tor folks:

I also wrote a few scripts to create monthly reports and graphs.

This month, I took care of 35 French tickets and 127 English ones. I
also killed 142 spams, a good amount of them through the command line.

Tor Weekly News

I have been an editor for issues #22, #23, and #25. I wrote for issues
#22, #23, #24, and #25. I also took care of publishing all issues on the

December welcomed 126 new subscribers to the mailing list!


I attended the 30th Chaos Communication Congress.

I helped running a session named “How to help Tor?” on Day 1. It was an
overwhelming success as more than 200 people showed up. We were
unprepared on how to help so many folks finding how they could help Tor.
It still created interesting discussions I believe and I hope we will
find ways to interact more with the larger community in the upcoming
weeks, especially concerning outreach to the general public.

I have tried to stay available to anyone interested in discussing Tor
for the rest of the congress. I had at least five different attendees
coming to me every day. Three very enthusiastic designers met during the
former session grabbed me for a brainstorm regarding the website. They
have since put their note on the wiki:

Tor was just about everywhere in the Congress. It was hard not to feel
like working for 96 hours straight. I hope we'll write more detailed
coverage on what happened there for the next Tor Weekly News issue.


Sadly, it is not possible to backup the content of tor.stackexchange.com
easily until the site is promoted out of “beta” status:

I reported a pretty bad internationalization issue in TBB 3:

I've suggested that we don't advertise the help desk emails directly to
TBB users but rather direct them to a page with FAQ and the help desk

It looks like I am a bit better emotionally but I am still not back to a
stable state.

Lunar                                             <lunar at torproject.org>
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