[tor-reports] Matt P. in November 2014

Matt Pagan matt at pagan.io
Fri Dec 5 04:24:31 UTC 2014

Matt P. in November 2014

In November, I resolved 150 questions at the help desk.

I also spent some time reorienting after taking the month of
October off.

I spent some time talking with others about what would be
required for the Tor Project to support a Tor on iOS solution.

Here are the tickets I resolved this month, sorted by frequency.

[10] - Something Went Wrong! Tor is not working in this browser.
[07] - "Doesn't work".
[05] - On Windows, no Window opens after Tor Browser 4 is started.
[05] - On Mac, no Window opens after Tor Browser is started
[05] - Firefox is already running.
[04] - [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10%: Finishing handshake
       with directory server.
[04] - Request for bridges
[04] - I'm in China and my obfs3 bridges no longer work.
[04] - Could not connect to Tor control port.
[03] - [WARN] The connection to the HTTP proxy server at XXX.XX.XX.X:53
       just failed. Make sure that the proxy server is up and running.
[03] - "Vidalia was unable to start Tor."
[03] - How can I help out with Tor?
[03] - Empty email
[02] - [WARN] Our clock is X days, X hours, X minutes behind the time
       published in the consensus network status document. Tor needs an
       accurate clock to work correctly. Please check your time and
       date settings!
[02] - "Tor unexpectedly exited. This might be due to a bug in Tor
       itself, another program on your system, or faulty hardware."
[02] - Tor Browser won't open while using an OpenVPN-based VPN.
[02] - Tor Browser is asking me what is my proxy type and port number.
[02] - Someone is using Tor to attack my website or business.
[02] - [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 25%: Loading networkstatus consensus
[02] - I downloaded from your website but don't see it.
[02] - How can I retrieve the bookmarks I lost when I upgrade Tor
[02] - Given the hidden services takedown, is Tor broken and putting
       users at risk?
[02] - "Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that can’t be
       found." on Mac.
[02] - Can't use cypherpunks account
[02] - After a restart, Tor Browser still trusts/distrusts a root CA I
       deleted/added in Preferences.
[01] - Why is Torbirdy in Arabic for me?
[01] - Why is StartPage the default search engine when it never works?
[01] - Why can't I use the updater from torbutton in Tor Browser 4.0?
[01] - Which Tor Browser do I need for Android?
[01] - What's the proper way to use Tor Browser?
[01] - What protocol will Tor traffic be using after it leaves the Tor
[01] - What ports does Tor use?
[01] - What other tools besides Orbot can I use to secure my mobile
[01] - What is Linux or Unix?
[01] - What flags should I use to build OpenSSL so that Tor doesn't
[01] - What does the alert with an image of a painter's palette mean?
[01] - What are the best settings to use for Tor Browser?
[01] - What are the best email providers to use with Tor?
[01] - [WARN] The https proxy sent back an unexpected status code 407
       ("Unauthorized"). Closing.
[01] - [Warning] Error replacing "C:/Program Files (x86)/Tor
       Browser/Data/Tor\cached-microdescs": Permission denied
[01] - [WARN] Certificate already expired. Either their clock is set
       wrong, or your clock is wrong.
[01] - Unacceptable option value: HTTPSProxy failed to parse or resolve.
[01] - Tor weather didn't recognize my relay's fingerprint.
[01] - Tor hangs on certain websites.
[01] - Torbutton: Unexpected error on new identity: [Exception...
       "Component returned failure code: 0x80520015
       nsresult: "0x80520015(NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED)" location:
       "JS frame ::chrome://torbutton/content torbutton.js ::
       torbutton_do_new_identity :: line 1727" data: no]
[01] - Tor Browser crashes when I try to use Flash.
[01] - The verification key listed at https://trac.torproject.org
       /projects/tor/wiki/torbirdy#VerifyingtheXPI isn't the same as
       the key ID seen from GPG.
[01] - The Tor Browser home page doesn't say anything about Firefox. Is
       it supposed to?
[01] - Surprised that Tor Browser works without arm installed.
[01] - Should I use Tor Browser or Tails?
[01] - Please update your instructions for setting up relay on Mac.
[01] - Please make the Windows bundles for the latest version of Tor
       available for download.
[01] - Outdated instructions on using Tor Cloud.
[01] - [NOTICE] Pluggable transport proxy (flashproxy exec
       Tor\PluggableTransports\flashproxy-client --register :0 :9000)
       does not provide any needed transports and will not be launched.
[01] - Network is unreachable [WSAENETUNREACH ]
[01] - My symlink to start-tor-browser on Debian don't work.
[01] - My antivirus said the Vidalia Relay Bundle was malware.
[01] - I think your browser broke my proxy settings and now I can't use
       any browser.
[01] - Is wget safe to use with torsocks 2.0?
[01] - Is Tor Browser a relay by default?
[01] - Is there a way for me to upgrade my Tor Browser without having
       to redo all my settings and bookmarks?
[01] - Is there a Tor tutorial to help get me started?
[01] - Is my connection proxied or censored?
[01] - Is it safe to watch YouTube videos with HTML5?
[01] - Is it safe to use Tor Browser and Internet Explorer at the same
[01] - I'm behind a cyberoam firewall
[01] - How to use Tor Browser on a Chromebook.
[01] - How to set the homepage in Tor Browser.
[01] - How to make Tor Browser use custom Directory Authorities.
[01] - How do I upgrade Vidalia?
[01] - How do I read and send email with Tor.
[01] - How do I get the lock icon for HTTPS to come up on a website I
       want to use.
[01] - How do I close open ports on my computer to stay safe while
       using Tor Browser?
[01] - How can Tor be anonymous if UK law requires ISPs to record IP
[01] - How can I use Vidalia with Tor Browser?
[01] - How can I use Tor Browser when my local network bans all
       programs named Firefox.
[01] - How can I use my own custom Firefox instead of Tor Browser?
[01] - How can I see my tabs and browsing history from my previous
       browsing session?
[01] - How can I run bittorrent over Tor?
[01] - How can I route an application's traffic through Tor.
[01] - As an administrator, how can I distinguish Tor traffic from
       other traffic on a network?
[01] - Having trouble setting up a bridge
[01] - Given the hidden services takedown I won't use Tor anymore
       because it's obvious Tor is backdoored.
[01] - Firefox menus are in English instead of German.
[01] - Does Tor on Android block MSISDN?
[01] - Can't run Tor Browser on Windows XP with 1MB of RAM
[01] - Can't get Tor Browser to work with Mac Voiceover for visually
       impaired accessibility.
[01] - Can't access the Tor Project website.
[01] - Can I use Tor Browser to circumvent my college's firewall?
[01] - Can I use Tor Browser to automate repeated search engine queries?
[01] - Can I run a relay on my Windows laptop?
[01] - Am I protected from the NSA when using Tor Browser?

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