[tor-reports] What Nick did in November

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Mon Dec 1 04:24:57 UTC 2014

 - Griffin visited for a few days, and we talked about hidden service

 - I gave a lecture for 6.858 at MIT.


 - David Goulet visitd for a week. We hacked together, went over some
   code, talked about programming, and helped each other do some
   planning for sponsor R and S.

 - I wrote up a testing plan for extending the network tests we do
   with Chutney.
       [Sent to tor-dev on 30 Nov; waiting for it to show up on the archives.
        Will investigate and re-send if necessary.)

 - At long last, after lots of review and back-and-forth, I merged
   Andrea's global circuit scheduler work, which should form the basis
   of more performance network scheduling with KIST or somethign like

 - I merged a lot of fixes and investigated a lot of issues related to
   test networks and hidden services.  See the changes/* directory in
   the Tor git repository for a breakdown of these and other bugfixes.

 - Wrote a few more patches to improve Tor's performance under memory

 - I merged a bunch of accuracy improvements for tracking microdescriptors
   by their 256-bit digest.

 - I removed a broken fallback function that we used to use for path
   selection before we had banwidth measurements.

 - I did more hacking on my branch related to Ed25519 keys for #12498,
   proposal 220, and proposal 224.  This took me into a major
   digression involving the voting algorithm, so that authorities will
   be able to vote based on ed25519 keys.  The end result has made the
   voting algoritm more testable and flexible.


 - I accumulated a truly dazzling amount of unanswered email.

 - I started chatting with folks about fundraising ideas, HR ideas,
   project management ideas, PR ideas, etc.

 - I've tried to keep the execcom team talking at least once a week.

 - I started writing up a job description and personal/project goals
   for myself, in the theory that we should eat our own dogfood.

 - I ran a triage exercise where a bunch of us guessed at priorities for all
   the tickets, to see what we might be able to get done in 0.2.6.


 - I flipped out for a few days due to internet drama.

 - I started learning Rust.

 - I used some of my free time over Thanksgiving to revamp my little
   PRNG project.  The new "Libottery-lite" tries to have all the
   useful features of the original Libottery, while aiming for
   maintainability and embeddability over strict speed.



  - I'm meeting with the execcom team this first week, and maybe using
    extra free time to do some kind of thinking/hacking with Roger or

  - I hope to be meeting with Rob and Aaron.

  - I'm going to try to answer that important email you sent me.  Sorry about
    not having get to it yet.

  - I'm putting another libevent release out.

  - I'm putting a Tor alpha out.

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