[tor-reports] Kelley's Status Report - March 2014

Kelley Misata kelley at torproject.org
Thu Apr 10 15:48:14 UTC 2014

Here are highlights from the world of Tor marketing, communications and
outreach for March:

*Summer Dev Meeting:*

   - Contacted numerous hotels around Paris regarding a block of rooms for
   the summer dev meeting;
   - Negotiated pricing and perks and received proposals from 2 hotels;
   - Due pricing and other considerations we did not reserve a block of
   rooms and therefore, the proposals expired;
   - Maintained contact with with our host in Paris regarding the
   announcement of the meeting - this is on hold until further notice;
   - Reported on the summer dev meeting (new ideas / improvements) to
   for-internal - thank you everyone for your feedback.
   - Have presented and discussed multiple options and ideas with Andrew
   regarding structure and logistics - a decision will be made soon and
   reported out to the team and begin outreach for sponsors.

* Additionally, I did the following:  *

   - *Tor Outreach Strategy* - developed a company-wide outreach strategy
   and presented it to Andrew, Roger, Caspar, and others for feedback. A
   project plan is next and will be shared with the community for feedback.
   - *Sponsor O - Outreach and Training* - Discussed some project ideas and
   direction with Colin C. and Karsten to better organize and manage the
   tasks the Outreach/Training goals for Sponsor O.  Developed a detailed
   project plan - shared it with Karsten for feedback.
   - *Thanks to Donors *- sent (hardcopy) thank you notes to those who
   mailed in donations.
   - *Proposals *- submitted two proposals to the Knight Foundation News
   Challenge - announcement if we move to the next round will come April 18th.
   - *LibrePlant2014 *- Met up with Moritz (briefly) at the LibrePlanet to
   arm him with stickers and other Tor swag - btw, Moritz you still have the
   banner and it was great to see you in Boston!
   - *Journalist Training -* lead a journalists training event at NICAR in
   Baltimore, a results I received a request by the Washington Post to do a
   training with their news team tentatively in April.
   - *International Cyber Warfare Conference & CERIAS Symposium* - both
   held at Purdue University, I attended wearing two hats... a Ph.D. Student
   studying at Purdue and a member of the Tor team.  On be half of Tor made
   several connections (and follow up) with executive level law enforcement
   and privacy and civil liberties experts.
   - *SXSW* - attended SXSW with Karen.  Spent most of my time talking
   about Tor with the Knight Foundation people, attending a few "free"
   sessions as I did not have a badge for the entire event, conducted a couple
   of press interviews and gathered additional information about journalist
   training and the Knight News Challenge.
   - *Communications Training:*  discussed with Beth Jacobs at Spitfire
   strategies next steps in our communications training and the possibilities
   of them doing a 1/2 session with us in Paris.
   - *Press Requests:*  Continued fielding and responding to media request
   through execdir.  Did 3 phone interviews in March.  Organized and
   contributed to in person interview done in the offices.
   - *2013 Annual Report* - On hold until I have the go ahead from Andrew.
   - *Ongoing Outreach [funding]:*  Continued seeking and making contact
   with new funding or other partners.
   - *“Upcoming Tor Events” on Tor blog* - Continued updating as I see
   things come over tor-internal.
   - *Tor Press Page* - did some updates on the wiki and to the press page.
    Will be establishing a regular rhythm of updating this in April and beyond.
   - *Tor Swag* - mailed stickers and sent links for relay t-shirts.  The
   plan for purchasing additional t-shirt, etc. will be built into the
   outreach plan mentioned above.

Thanks everyone - enjoy the start of Spring and see you all in a few short
months in Paris.


*Kelley Misata*
*Outreach and Communications*
*The Tor Project*
*www.torproject.org <http://www.torproject.org>*
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